Student Exhibit 4/20


THere was a student exhibit on 4/20 of which Loyola students displayed some of their best pieces from the year. ALthough there weren’t any students in the exhibit to explain their pieces to me, I was thoroughly impressed by some of the pieces that I saw. THis piece in particular stood out to me because the message that the artist was trying to deliever was recieved loud and clear. Homelessness is a topic that many of us are aware of, but don’t pay too much attention to because it doesn’t affect us. We often times assume that homeless people are homeless because of the poor decisions that they’ve made in life, however this piece makes the point that any one of us could be homeless at any point. The words surrounding the three pictures of names of people that could also fall into the trap, and right at the bottom and in the center it says, “YOU.” I thouhgt this piece was very powerful and very creative.


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