Final Project

My final project is one of my favorite pieces that I have done this semester. I was a little scared when the project was intially assigned because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it, but as always, once I started the whole thing just came together nicer than I ever could have imagined. I took Robert Colescott’s piece titled “Saturday Night Special” and did exactly as he would do and flipped it on it’s head. Colescott is known for layering in his pieces, and for my project, I decided to dismantle his layers and separate them into individual pieces and adding my own modern touch to them. The main portion of the painting is a picture of a white woman who appears to be hooking up with a black male and is caught by who I’m assuming is the black man’s spouse or significant other who stands there half naked (Sexualization of women — characteristic of colescott’s work) holding a gun. Although there is no explanation of this piece, I assumed that he was making a point about the controversy over itnerratial relations; a problem that is still relevant today. There has been more of an increase over the years in interracial couples, however there is still a negative stigma that surrounds the issue. I used this piece of Colescott’s painting and added in a piece of typography, a characteristics not found in any of colescott’s painting, but a piece I felt contributed to the overall message. On the second part of my project, I focused on the voilence that is shown on a tv screen in the other corner of the paitning. I took this piece and enlarged it bringing focus to the modern problems with police brutality.  My Connotative message is very strong in that the viewer will probably experience a feeling of discomfort. I did this on purpose because a lot of Colescott’s paintings also evoked this same feeling of discomfort as they touch on very controversial topics. Denotatively, I tried to incoporate a similar brush stroke pattern that was abrupt, along with the use of very bright colors in contrast with darker one.


Looking back on the semester, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that it isn’t always necessary to be given step by step directions when it comes to creating art. It is actually sometimes better when we are left to think for ourselves and make use of our imagination. I had no idea that I was creative, as I still cannot draw anything better than a stick figure. However, I also realized that art is more than just about drawing. The way that I view art has forever been changed, and I have this class to thank for that.


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