Postmodernism Notes

  • The “other” in Postmodern times
    • goal is to conquer “it” economically, sexually, militarily
    • poses a threat to the universality of one’s own beliefs
  • There are multiple realities in this era
    • there so many different spins/interpretations on music, religion, lifestyles, etc.
      • a person can take elements from one culture/category and morph it into it’s own by combining it with many other elements
        • “No longer is there one type of morality or myth or ritual or dance or or dream or concept of one’s self, or god or culture of style of art.”
  • Multinational Cooperations –> Capitalism
    • invades nature by destroying pre-capitalist forms of agriculture & invading unconscious mind by advertising
  • Realism
    • age of bourgeois
  • modernism
    • modern dissatisfaction with the world
  • postmodernism
    • age of the self-created reality — idea that you have complete control over your own culture, language, lifestyle, idea of what reality actually is.
      • mix of identities, cultures, races, gender roles, technologies, cyberspaces, nd mediascapes
      • “signs and images no longer correspond to the real world, but createt their own hyperreality
        • hyperreality: “order of representation that is not the unreal, but has replaced reality and is more than real, more real than real.”
    • era of mass communication

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