Visit to the BMA


The Bathers (1909)

Max Weber


Three Graces at the Bathers Poo: Venus is Still Venus (1985)

Robert Colescott


Chur (2014)

Sascha Braunig

These three paintings were the three paintings that stood out to me the most while we were at the museum. The first one particularly stood our to me because of the body positioning of the women figures. It is titled “The Bathers” as it captures what is typically viewed as a very innocent type of nudity, however the artist turned what could have been seen an innocent depiction of how life was back then into an erotic image of a few women flaunting their valoptuous assets. The contrast between the colors used; a darker background and lighter figures makes their character pop which directs the viewers eye even more so to their erotic positioning. I liked this painting because it was completley unexpected for me. I also liked the fact that the artist chose to draw women that were more heavy set as opposed to super skinny women. In today’s society, it is rare to find artists who celebrate curvy women, so it was refreshing to see for me.

The second painting that I chose also shows women bathing, but in a very different way. I love this picture because of how detailed it was, and I felt like just by looking at it, I could create my own story as to why the figures looked the way they did.The white figure’s body posture and the detail in her face and in her eyes screams snobbiness, while that of the darker skinned figures express feelings of discomfort, skepticism, and maybe even slight confusion. I wish I could talk to the artist so that I could ask him more about his purpose/ the background story of the painting.

The last painting that I chose was the most interesting to me. The painting had so much texture, and it almost looked like it was in 3D. I liked it especially because I felt like it tied in really well with the line project that we are starting. It gave me a better idea of what you meant when you said if you copy a pattern of lines over and over again, you could end up with some really cook. This painting is so simple, but has so many unique characterisitics to it.


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