How does your imagination work?

I found Calvino’s article on Visibility super interesting. Although some of his ideas were complex, I think the purpose of the article was to get his reader to think about how they process things, and how we use our imagination to visualize things/dream/create art. I personally, am a visual learner, but I also need auditory stimuli to help stimulate my brain. I need multiple types of stimuli in order to produce visual images in my mind. For example, when I am trying to remember information from my classes during a test, I not only invision myself taking the notes, but I also invision the professor saying the answer during his or her lectures. In this sense, I use both visual and auditory parts of my imagination to help me remember things much like what movie directors do when they are trying to write our the scripts. Some are able to visualize the thoughts, actions and images of the characters in their heads while they write, while others must process things sometimes subconsciously while they are sleeping or day dreaming. Each person uses their imagination in a different way which is part of what makes us all so unique in the way we think, act, and percieve things.


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